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How to structure your about page

For your about page, the biggest thing that will help: structure. If you structure it correctly, you’ll bring your audience through a journey, explain why you’re the best brand to work with, and by the end, have them convinced to work with you. If you haven’t answered these questions yet – or haven’t thought about … Continued

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How to write an engaging and effective about page

There’s this terrifying pressure that your about page will clinch the deal. It’s the page that will convince people to work with you – or not. It’s the most important page on your website. Well, that’s lovely and helpful, but it doesn’t tell you how to write an about page or what should be included. … Continued

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How to refine your tone of voice

Think of your tone of voice like a personality. Every person is different, so therefore every brand will be different too. Of course, there’ll be some similarities between brands (no one can be 100% unique) but you should always create your own way of speaking/writing. Are you friendly, chatty and down-to-earth? Or are you strictly … Continued

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Why you need to watch out for typos

Whenever I land on a brand’s website and see a typo, I can’t help myself: I get desperate to fix it. There’s something so unnerving about a spelling mistake or the wrong word being used. Not only does it look unprofessional, but it breaks the flow of reading. To prove my point, let’s play a … Continued

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