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We're a Glasgow-based marketing and copywriting service, and we love everything about content marketing.

You might be running out of ideas for content, or you might be needing some expert input, whatever it is, we're here to help.

Copywriting & Blogs

It’s not just about the words; it’s the message behind the words. The key is getting across your brand message, engaging your audience, and trying to get more sales. Your wording needs to be carefully crafted to meet your overall objectives.

Marketing Strategy

This is the most important part of your marketing. You need to get your strategy right - and know exactly what you're trying to achieve. You could have the best-written content in the world, but if no-one sees it, it's useless and won't bring you any sales.

Marketing Campaigns

When you want to give your brand a wee push, marketing campaigns are the way to go. It should be in line with your overall strategy, but it's effectively a mini strategy all of its own, with its own objectives and tactics - i.e. 2 months of non-stop content with one purpose in mind.

Marketing Consulting

Not sure how to improve your content marketing? We'll have a thorough look at your website, your social media, your brand message, your competitors - and pull it all together into an easy-to-understand review. You'll go away with a load of recommendations and ways to boost your brand.






We've been doing a lot of research on this - people are more connected to content that is friendly (and sounds like it's coming from a real person!).

If you're a brand that wants people to be interacting with your content, then you need Black & White Marketing. 

It's not just copywriting that we do, we also create a strong content marketing strategy for you - basically making sure all your marketing activities are working together perfectly. It's not enough just to post regular content, there needs to be a plan or goals behind that.

Don't worry, it doesn't have to be complicated or over-the-top. It's all about working towards that end goal and writing clear content. 

It’s that simple. It’s clear as Black & White.

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