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My name is Jennifer Lynn

I’m a penguin-obsessed copywriter

  • From: Glasgow
  • Loves: Coffee
  • Always: Smiling
  • Favourite word: Cute
  • Favourite animal: Penguin
  • Dog’s name: Strudel the Poodle

When it comes to writing content,
it’s always the same problem:

  1. People don’t know what to write
  2. They think they’re not ‘good’ at writing
  3. Or they can’t find the time

Want to get rid of all that? Let me do it for you ☺

You might be thinking ‘but she looks so young!’ Don’t worry, I get that a lot. Looks can be deceiving 😉

I’ve worked as a marketing copywriter for 5 years – and studied for 4 years at university too (BA Hons in Marketing and Entrepreneurship).

Sophie Jenkinson
Letter So Lovely
Client’s reaction:

Thank you SO much. I could have spent about 10 years and still not come up with this.

Your help has been invaluable honestly, thank you so much for your time

Ross Donald
Reverie Films
Client’s reaction:

You’ve done a fantastic job. I love the way you’ve taken our discussions and brought a voice to it. I always struggle with copy, and detailing exactly what it is we do. But you’ve managed to get that across, striking the balance between friendly and professional. Great job 😃 I’m really happy with it all

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