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Copywriting; it’s not just words.

The fact you’re here tells me one thing: you want to make your website copy better.

Anyone can write words. Anyone can say: “This is my offer. This is what’s included.” But copywriting? It’s a completely different thing.

It’s about delving deeper. It’s about showing people why they need you. It’s about creating a story that makes people say “Yes! This is the person I need to work with.” It’s marketing. It’s psychology. It’s research. It’s branding. And when done right, it’s extremely powerful.

Hello, I’m Jennifer Lynn (or Jenn because I love to keep things friendly). And I specialise in website copywriting

Because I’m not just a writer; I’m a strategic copywriter who knows exactly how to get your message across.

With a background in marketing, I understand sales psychology. I get ‘consumer behaviour’ (how people act). I know how to sell. I know what questions and objections people will have. I know what to say, so you don’t have to.

Because with over 5 years’ experience as a copywriter (and 4 years at university studying marketing), I’m an expert at crafting brand messages.

Plus, I write in a super friendly way – which is very engaging and people love it 😉

(For bonus points: do you know where in Glasgow this picture was taken?)

You know what else?
I’m an over-thinker.

Don’t worry, it’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s my greatest asset as a copywriter.

I think about all the possibilities. I think about what questions people would have about your offers. I think about how to convince people you’re the one.

Basically, I over-think your brand so you don’t have to.

Because I know trying to write your own copy can feel baffling. Every client I speak to says the same thing. They’re struggling to get their ideas down. They’re struggling to find clarity. They’re sorry for rambling. Please never apologise for rambling!

I love listening to your ideas and I’m great at deciphering your thoughts for you. That’s what I’m here for.

I pull all your thoughts together to create one cohesive message people will understand.

Jenn, what’s with the penguins? 

Penguins are robust wee things. They brave an ever-changing environment, they work together, they’re intelligent, they’re up for a laugh, they like sliding on the ice.

A perfect symbol for me and my business.

…and they’re extremely cute.

Oh, and they’re black and white too.
Wow, it’s all come together so well! Almost like I did that on purpose…

And a few fun facts about me:

I’m Jennifer Lynn: a website copywriter from Glasgow

Love: Coffee, my standing desk & Strudel the Poodle

Always: Smiling & killing plants (not at the same time though… that’s a little psychotic)

Fanatic about: The power of words & Taylor Swift

Favourite thing about being a copywriter: Seeing my clients’ reactions

Ross Donald
Reverie Films
Client’s reaction:

You’ve done a fantastic job. I love the way you’ve taken our discussions and brought a voice to it. I always struggle with copy, and detailing exactly what it is we do. But you’ve managed to get that across, striking the balance between friendly and professional. Great job 😃 I’m really happy with it all

Julie Christie-Clark
Branding By Juls
Client’s reaction:

I LOVE everything!! I’m so happy with it all. The tone is exactly right and explains my workshops so well. I could never have written them this way, but this is exactly what I was wanting 😁

So, do you want your website visitors saying “Yes! This is the person I need to work with”?

(I see you nodding 😉 )

Then it sounds like I’m the person you need to work with.

Let’s transform your message and get you more enquiries.