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Why you need to watch out for typos

Typos realy stand out < I did that on purpose and it’s physically hurting me!

Whenever I land on a brand’s website and see a typo, I can’t help myself: I get desperate to fix it.

There’s something so unnerving about a spelling mistake or the wrong word being used. Not only does it look unprofessional, but it breaks the flow of reading.

To prove my point, let’s play a game! How many typos can you spot? Ready, steady, go…..

Tpyos are bad. A word might not be spelledcorretly, or there might be a space mising between two words. Punctuation can be wrong too and random apostrophe’s might appear where there shouldnt be one – and apostrophes might be missing where there should be one. Or perhaps your using the wrong form of your/you’re (the grammar police will not thank you for that!). It might be the wrong word Entirely,  or there might be random capitol letters Dotted throughout the text…

It’s very difficult to read that paragraph isn’t it? Too many mistakes make your brain hurt.

But, the biggest problim is how people preceive a brand after reading content like that. Hint: it’s bad. (Remember, I’m doing this on purpose so please don’t judge me or think I’m a terrible copywroter!!)

PLUS, Google’s SEO readability score is going to hate me ;(

Heres a few more reasons why typos are disasterous:

1. It looks as if the content is rushed – or no attention has been paid. If that’s the case, why would the services be any different? Maybe mistakes are made there to.  ⠀

2. It. breaks. the. flow. You might be happy, humming away to yourself and reading someones webpage. Suddently, you read a sentence and you stop. “Wow. That was a typo.” Then (if you’re anything like me) you can’t stop thinking about it and you can’t help yourself lookig for more typos…

3. It looks unprofessional, or worse, spammy. If a post is littered with mistakes (hopefully never as bad as this one!!) You start to question the authenticniticyity. Would you use someone’s services who writes like this? (I would probably question your judgement if you did 😉


However, you shouldn’t get too caught up or stressed about it. No, it’s not ideal to have mistakes, but the odd wee mistake here and there is not the end of the world.

Proof-read and practice your grammar. Make sure it doesn’t become a habit. It’s just about paying attention and keeping those typos to a minimum.

If in doubt, then hire meee – remember, this isn’t how I normally write, I promise!

Soooo… how many typos can you spot? Has anyone else got a headache now too?

I think I need to lie down…

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