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Does this sound like you?

You have a brand but you’re looking at your website and thinking:

    • Your message isn’t clear enough
  •  People are landing on your website but not becoming clients
  •  You’ve written your copy yourself, but it needs an overhaul and some strategy
  •  Your copy is too long, rambles or has gone ‘SEO mad’ over the years
  • Or you’re creating a new website and want to start your copy from scratch

You need some help with your copy – and you want it to be great!

Writing your own copy is hard. You’re much closer to your brand, so it can be difficult to refine your message and not ramble.

  • It’s hard to structure
  • It’s hard to know what to include
  • It’s hard to write and make it sound amazing
  • You want your copy to be friendly and conversational
  • You want to engage your readers and show them you’re super approachable

No good writing starts with writing… it starts with planning.

That’s why with me, you’ll never get a bunch of words thrown at you. “There you are: job done.” No, my copywriting is strategic and well-planned. Otherwise, it’s not going to help you much, is it?

Seriously, I normally have about 4 or 5 A4 pages of notes before I even begin writing.

Any copywriter who knows what they’re doing – and I do obviously! – knows it’s about asking lots of questions. Lots and lots and lots of questions before you put pen to paper.

I want to get a feel for your brand. I want to know what you’re trying to achieve. I want to know who your customers are. I want to know what problems you’re having. I want to understand your key message – what is it you’re trying to get across?

Here's how it works

A strategic and well-planned website:

1. Start with a chat

We'll arrange a call to chat about your project: what are you hoping to get out of your website? What problems are you having? What's your brand all about?

2. Bespoke quote

It’s hard to price a website. It depends on the number of pages, amount of content, how much research is required etc. So I'll give you a bespoke quote

3. Research

Once you've given me the go-ahead, I'll do some research. I'll look at your current site, your social media, your competitors - and use this to inspire new ideas or ways of saying things

4. The planning stage

I'll make a list of everything to do with your business - addressing things like: what sets you apart, who your customers are, what their pain points are etc.

5. The writing stage

Next, I turn my notes into words. I’ll craft and format your copy and break it into sections, headers and pages. Giving you a format and a structure for every page

6. First draft complete

I’ll send you a copy once I’m happy with the results. It's by no means a finished result. I want to check you're happy with the tone of voice, the structure, the layout - and make sure the information is correct

7. Edits and changes

If you have any edits, I’ll make these now. It’s also useful to see the copy in the design before it’s finalised. In fact, I recommend not signing off on your copy until you’ve seen it in the design - it often needs tweaks to make it more impactful

8. Finito - over to you!

Now you have a beautifully worded website - yay! Over to you to start marketing it and growing your business. I’m always on hand if you need to add pages later or create a sales page or something like that. Just drop me a message and we can chat

What you’ll not get:

  • Bland, boring or stuffy content
  • Words thrown at you that sound ‘fine’
  • Confusing or muddled messaging
  • Text that doesn’t point anywhere
  • A penguin – I know 🙁


What you will get:

  • Engaging, friendly copy
  • Strategic and well-planned content
  • A clear and concise message
  • Clear call to actions
  • A new friend who loves penguins 😉

How do you know I’m “the one”?

There are lots of copywriters out there. Some are great, some are lovely, some are, eh, interesting – but not many are as obsessed with penguins as I am. But, I guess that’s not a real reason to hire a copywriter, so let me give you a few.

I’m not just a writer – I’m also a marketer and branding expert. That gives me an edge because I understand how your copy needs to align with everything in your business. It’s not just words – it’s the design and layout and strategy.

I might look young – but I’ve been working as a marketing copywriter for 5 years (and before that, I studied marketing for 4 years at University). Amazing how time flies!

I’m super friendly. Although it’s rarely sunny in Glasgow, I don’t let that stop me – you’ll never see me without a smile on my face.

Not only am I friendly, but my copy is friendly too. It’s the best kind of copy. The kind that makes you think, ‘Aww, we could be friends’. And that’s the most effective type of copy nowadays. People buy from people and all that jazz.


So how much does website copywriting cost?

Ready for that old cliché: how long is a piece of string? I’m so sorry! I hate writing that, it sounds so naff and unhelpful.

The problem is website copy depends on lots of things: how much copy there is, how many pages there are, whether you have copy already or whether I’m starting from scratch, how much research is involved etc.

But, I can still give you an indication:

About page – £300
3-5 page website – £800
5-10 page website – £1,200
10+ page website – £1,500+

Are you ready to have copy
that speaks to your target audience?