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Local gin | website & label copy

Buddies Gin
Website copywriting

A local gin: woven for you.

A Paisley Buddy. We don’t mean ‘buddy’ as in ‘pal’ (although we do think of you as pals too!) a Paisley Buddy is something else.

No one is 100% sure where the phrase came from, but the general consensus is it comes from the old Scots for ‘body’ – as in a body of people. It’s been used for centuries to describe folk from Paisley; a Paisley buddy.

It’s our heritage and a place we are proud of. There’s nothing like a group of Paisley buddies sharing a drink with each other. That’s what our gin is all about. Bringing people together, embracing our heritage and sharing a moment or two of bliss…

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David Montgomery
Buddies Gin

Jenn, the copy was amazing. Absolutely loved it! My business partner thinks you’re the best thing since sliced bread. He was literally reading your paragraphs out loud and shouting them from the windows at passersby!!

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