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Does this sound like you?

  • People land on your website but few contact you
  • People like your posts on social media but don’t become clients
  • You feel like your website isn’t engaging or as effective as it could be

The truth is, you might be too close to your business to see how to improve.

You need some direction – and tips specifically for you.

It’s hard to look objectively at your own website. What needs improving? Is it the message? The copy? The design? The layout? The branding? You need someone who’s not in your business to look at it.

Truthfully, it’s probably a mixture of all these.
But, it’s mainly the copy – and how it fits into the design.

Your copy might:

  • Ramble
  • Be unclear
  • Be stuffed with keywords
  • Not tell people what to do next
  • And ultimately, not convince people you’re “the one.”

Imagine how you’d feel:

  • Walking with your head held high, confident that your website is working for you not against you.
  • Feeling calm and reassured that your website will bring you clients.
  • Enjoying a glass of wine at night knowing you’ve had an expert look at your site and given specific tips for you.

I can imagine you’d feel inspired and excited about your business again. 😉

So if you’d like specific recommendations that will:

  • Instantly improve your website strategy
  • Drastically increase the “engagingness” of your copy 😉
  • Provide advice on layout and customer journey through your site
  • And have a website you can be proud of

You need a website review by someone who knows about websites (and that person is me, obviously!)

For £350, here’s what you’ll get

A 15-page document you can refer to at any time. It will include:

A review of every page on your website

A look at your design - and how small tweaks could increase conversions

Recommendations for how to make your about page more impactful

Plus general website recommendations: improving CTAs, creating bolder buttons etc.

A look at your copy and 10+ ideas to instantly improve it

A rewrite of 3 paragraphs to show you the power of words (including before and afters)

+ BONUS: how to make your blog and social media more engaging

+ BONUS: 5-10 minute video walking you through my thoughts

My review is specific to you.

Yes, blog articles give you free advice, but they aren’t about your website.

  • Maybe your messaging isn’t clear
    – a blog article can’t tell you that.
  • Maybe your call to action isn’t obvious
    – a blog article can’t tell you that.
  • Maybe your text isn’t engaging enough
    – a blog article can’t tell you that.

How do you know I’m “the one”?

I’m more than a copywriter. I’m also a marketer. A branding expert. And I have a thing for pretty websites. It’s mad, but I’ve now worked in marketing for 5 years – and studied Marketing for 4 years at University (where I got a First Class Hons, woohoo!)

I then worked in a few agencies: one was focused on branding, and the other on web design. Then, because I’m fascinated by these things – and apparently, just can’t get enough – I’ve done hours and hours and hours of research on how to make websites more effective (including UX and UI too).

Then you know, practice what you preach, so I used this on my own website. I made a 147% return on investment within just 2 months of launching. How? Because I followed the advice. I clarified the key messages, broke the copy into sections, worked out how bright the buttons should be – and as you can see, my buttons are very bright – I also hired a designer and a web developer because I know my limitations 😉

And now, I want to do that for you: bring it all together and use my experience of copywriting, marketing, branding and websites.

So how does it work?

  1. Click ‘Book my review now’ below
  2. You’ll be taken to a page with some questions about your business. This means I can get a feel for your brand before we begin
  3. I’ll get in touch with you via email with some follow up questions (such as what your goals are, what problems you’re facing etc.) and a link to the payment page to book your review for £350
  4. Once I’ve got your answers and payment, it’s’ time for me to get to work. I’ll look at every webpage and assess: the key message, the copy, the CTAs, the buttons, the imagery, the layout and make recommendation. Plus, I’ll show you the impact of changing your words by writing a few ‘before and afters’.
  5. You’ll get your document within 5 working days + BONUS 5-10 minute video, walking you through my thoughts.

For only £350, would you love to have:
confidence in your website

and clarity on your messaging?