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Branding by Juls
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When your business starts to grow, it’s normal to feel like you’ve outgrown your current brand.

Maybe you made your own logo because you were just starting out, but now you feel it doesn’t hit the mark anymore. You want to come across polished and refined but your current branding isn’t doing that.

You’re not alone; I talk to so many business owners in this exact situation.

This is just one of the things we’ll be tackling at my branding workshops.

With some simple guidance, I’ll help you shape and hone your brand. We’ll look at colours, fonts, imagery, tone of voice, your mission and your story.

Book your space now by clicking ‘get tickets’ on my profile – and together let’s build a brand you can be proud of.

Julie Christie-Clark
Branding by Juls

I LOVE everything!! I’m so happy with all of the adverts. The tone is exactly right and explains the workshops so well. I could never have written them this way but it’s exactly what I was wanting ?

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